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Important events that Stepan Cheltsov shares with the world are published in a separate section. This is not news, these are important events and announcements.

Today at 19.00 a new advanced course on Planfix starts

Today there will be an open lecture at which I traditionally tell how to approach the processes of my company. But this time I decided to give an additional significant part about how Planfix and its objects work.

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Start of the second workshop on the Planfix API

Tomorrow, January 22, the second workshop on the PlanFix API will take place. Corrected and supplemented. Together with me, the participants will go through the possibilities of the API, remove the barriers and fears that these magic letters cause - API.

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Launch of the Planfix Practice course

Reflecting on the current advanced course and feedback from cadets who are lagging behind. I have been thinking for a long time, but the thought matured only after the post about training was published. I am sharing with you now. One more course is needed. Intermediate course between Basic and Advanced.
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On October 04, 2021 my next autumn advanced course on Planfix starts

On October 04, 2021, my next autumn advanced Planfix course starts. I invite you to study.
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Ушли с домена Poravinternet

Left the Poravinternet domain

In the spring we started changing all our settings and connections from the old domain to the new PIPAGENCY. If for some reason something comes to you from the PORAVINTERNET domain, then you should know that this is not us. More detailed

Добавил «свежий» сертификат от Битрикс в личную «копилку»

Added a "fresh" certificate from Bitrix to my personal "piggy bank"

Today I confirmed my status as a Bitrix partner. I added another certificate to my own piggy bank and to the agency's piggy bank, proving my personal qualifications and the qualifications of the team.
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ECOM Expo 2021 kicked off today

Today and tomorrow I will be able to personally introduce you to Planfix, talk about the automation of business processes, and advise. And, of course, I'll show you my Connector, the service, in action.
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We have extended the opportunity to register for the Summer Intensive by Planfix

There are only 3 days left to become a cadet of the summer advanced course in Planfix

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The second Advanced PlanFix course starts today

The Advanced PlanFix course kicks off today, the second set of this year. Now traditionally, the first and second lectures will be open.
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Черная пятница. Дарим скидки на курсы!

Black Friday. We give discounts on courses!

Guys, today is Black Friday and I traditionally make a discount on the advanced and basic course.
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"KIP" -mariner completed work at ECOM Expo'20. These were very busy, very interesting two days. Having pacified emotions and digesting events, summarize the results and share the successful results of participation in the exhibition.
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The beginning of September promises to be eventful. On the third or fourth day, I participate in the all-Russian exhibition ECOM Expo'20 - one of the largest expositions of innovations and e-commerce services. I officially present one of our developments - the Planfix connector.
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PlanFix Consultation

One-time consultations on PlanFix from the best specialists - 6,000 ₽ for 2 hours

If you can not decide on the course, we offer take advantage consultation. Stepan will talk in detail about the benefits of Planfix, discuss your case and outline a strategy. further cooperation. This is the best option for those who value their and other people's time and are waiting individual approach to solving your problems.
Higher-order ideological considerations, as well as permanent quantitative growth and the scope of our activity.
Likewise, the beginning of daily formation work position plays an important role in the formation of a training system for personnel, meets urgent needs.
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