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Launch of the Planfix Practice course


I am thinking about the current advanced course and feedback from cadets who are lagging behind the general rhythm. I have been thinking for a long time, but the thought matured only after the post about training was published. I am sharing with you now.

Another course is needed.

Intermediate course between Basic and Advanced

What's the thing:

  • Basic - teaches you how to use PlanFix at the level of any user.
  • Advanced - teaches you to be a very cool account admin. But it is more focused on a practicing admin who wants to improve his skills.

And to step from a Basic user into a Practicing admin without real tasks is quite difficult, because you already have to be an integrator or an administrator.

Most of the current Advanced Course participants are business owners, which dictates their admin role in their accounts. The rest invest in their education and strive to become integrators and admins, overcoming a large barrier from an ordinary user to a practicing admin.

That's why I decided to do another course.

Planfix Practice

What will be on the course:

  • assignments as formulated by my clients;
  • < li> a detailed explanation of the ways of solving this task (the task is one, but it will be necessary to solve it in different ways);
  • quite complete explanations in steps of what exactly needs to be done to solve the problem;
  • the requirement to give an answer about the work done in the form in which I demand from my guys (in detail with links and detailed explanations);
  • assessment of labor intensity, the profitability of the task for the client;
  • setting up telephony , integration with social networks, messengers, etc.
  • tasks with an increasing level of complexity, which repeatedly overlap with each other;
  • tough feedback, imitating the exactingness of the client. Yes, here they can use obscenities if the solution entails a problem in the client's combat account;
  • a kind cop in my face will help to recover from stressful situations;
  • imitation of a working meeting in Zoom for 20 minutes, where you have to participate in the dialogue and find out all the details from the Customer. Some of the assignments will be issued by phone, not in writing.
  • assignments can be taken independently after the end of the previous one.

All Planfix objects will be affected on the course. There will be dozens, if not hundreds of tasks (several solutions to one problem).

What will not be on the course?

  • There will be no lectures. You will have to study everything from the explanations, screenshots and help.
  • There will be no concessions on the deadline. If they took a task, it must be completed on time, taking into account the feedback from the Customer. Those who did not fulfill - receive a penalty point. The client does not wait until you are in the mood and time to complete the task. We took it - we do it. Successful completion of the task will award a point in karma, which can be considered payment for your work by a potential client.
  • There will be no complicated questions with the API, external integration services, except those that are clear from the help.
  • And what- something else that I haven’t come up with yet.

By format

There will be tasks without calls, such can be done in your free time.

And there will be tasks that are available only on certain days and hours, because calls with real people pass through them, and the solution is required for a limited amount of time.

General tasks will be formulated on the phone calls, it may even be confusing, but it is up to the student to find the meaning in this.

As a result of the call, it is imperative to write the outcome of the meeting to the client, draw a line under the understandable, incomprehensible, and record who and what is doing next and in what time frame. Everything is like in real life.

For the money

The entire course will be available for payment on the basis of assignments. The current format for admitting free listeners to lectures turned out to be in great demand. I also think that selective pumping on various topics will be in demand.

The cost of each task is 3000 rubles. Buying the entire course (I will not say how many tasks and the amount yet) guarantees a discount, because it will be a large amount.

Jobs that are not completed on time will only be renewed ONCE. Convincing the reviewer that you will complete the task on time will have to be in correspondence.

Everything is like in real life.

Tasks not completed as a result of the call or the absence of the paying person on the call are considered deliberately ignored. Funds for them are not refundable and do not count towards new assignments. Exactly because Customers allocate their time for dialogue and this time costs them money, since they do not get the result.

Something else

This is the first thought and concept, I will start working on the first block in the near future.

What do you think about the description? How relevant can this be for you?
I am waiting for comments on the mail and in my telegram channel https: // t. me / StepanCheltsov / 1642.

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