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Cadets and clients of the Agency say that we work quickly, systematically and in a concentrated manner. We can easily explain how to use planfix more efficiently and how to configure It better.

Consultations help you understand in which direction to develop and make you want to move. We create order out of chaos, reduce the volume of routine processes, and develop simple and effective schemes for working in automatic mode.

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The task of the organization, especially the beginning of daily work on the formation of
this position contributes to the preparation and implementation of further development directions. On the other side of the frame and
the place of training personnel plays an important role in the formation of significant financial and administrative

Ideas of the highest order, as well as constant quantitative growth and the scope of our activity .

Similarly, starting the day-to-day work of forming a position plays an important role in shaping
the system of personnel training meets the urgent needs.
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Vladislav Artikulenko

November 21, 2021

As an analyst by profession, I have been participating in projects for the implementation of various information systems for quite some time, and recently I have also been integrating PlanFix. When I signed up for Stepan's course, I thought something like this: "Over the past months I have studied PlanFix far and wide, but for sure there are all sorts of API chips from an experienced integrator that I don't know about."

The result exceeded my expectations: I got much more than just "API chips", but a very useful consolidated experience of an integrator (even several - some lectures were conducted by Stepan's colleagues and shared their experience) on completely different topics. First of all, I was pleased with the format and attitude towards the cadets: it is not just about giving a lecture and celebrating homework. These are answers to any of your questions and cases (on the topic and not so much), a detailed explanation of each moment in the DZ and many other pleasant "buns". There are some suggestions for improving the course in order to bring it straight to the ideal:

  1. I would like to see even more practical cases: how this or that thing can be applied. Everything is simple here: there are never many examples, an abstract setting + an explanation of what can be done with this (further fantasy works, and also some remote sensing imitations imitate some kind of case) - this, of course, is good. But the blocks were a very cool moment when Stepan finished the main story, and then showed how it was fully implemented somewhere (in his own PlanFix, for example). I would like more such blocks, of course, also because they give great inspiration to apply the knowledge gained in practice.
  2. In some places, I wanted more blanks. For example, we write a request for a webhook in a lecture. We wrote it in 5 minutes, and then for another 10 minutes we are looking for where did we lose the comma in the syntax and why the request did not work. It is clear that in reality it will look like this and we essentially go all the way with the lecturer as it is, but, say, on Friday evening, when a lecture takes place, it is perceived very hard and the concentration on the material starts to go into the negative ... Therefore, it would be nice for such a case of "loss of comma" to have a ready-made syntactic construction - they did not find it quickly, inserted a ready-made query and moved on.

Summing up I can say: the course is simply excellent and is definitely worth its money, it will be useful to everyone: from the owner or employee of a small company who sets up Planfix for himself, to integrators (no matter how long they have been in setting up).

P.S. A special thank you for your loyalty to the delivery of DZ - there are still many adventures ahead of me related to homework, because I have not done part of it yet - Stepan, realizing that his cadets may receive an unexpected load at the call of the service, the delivery and analysis of DZ extended, despite that the course has already been formally completed. And the fact that the course with all the tasks can be repeated for free with the next set and also get a certificate is generally delightful - it's generally delightful

Yuriy Smirnov

October 29, 2021

Stepan, good afternoon!

I am writing a small thank you message. Without an advanced course, I couldn't. I took chips from the homework assignments that I was implementing. Many thanks!

Ekaterina Kartashova

October 25, 2021

In general, everything that I do now in DZ, I use now in my work account. And nothing is remembered without remote sensing

Your way of organizing HR was very useful, because now there is a recruitment of personnel and a lot of resumes.

But everything else I put into work, very useful, thank you very much!
I hope I didn’t torture you with questions

Sofya Shatalina

01 September 2021

Good afternoon!

I will gladly take part in the next autumn course on Planfix, write it down!

I liked the previous course very much, a lot of useful things, everything is analyzed in detail, 24/7 feedback on any problems and questions.

Aleksandr Nikolaev

Thanks to the course Stepan got a more complete understanding of the Planfix system. I learned about new possibilities and non-obvious techniques and nuances of use. In addition to the main material, Stepan generously shared his personal experience and answered questions related to the personal specifics of working with the system.

Dmitry Esensky

Good afternoon, Stepan!

I would be very grateful to you for writing.

The course began interestingly, but was mired in the abyss of current work. As such, I do not really need a certificate, I came more for knowledge and their application in my organization. The information you give is undoubtedly interesting and useful, but in view of my inexperience I did not come to using it. I am thinking of purchasing a basic course. I will send a request to the account.

Another thing that I didn’t like is that your interface is in English. In principle, I also know English quite well, but constant switching and translation does not really affect my work. Therefore, I ask you to take this into account in the future. Although, I don't know, maybe the other cadet liked it.

Thanks again.

Сэсэг Тубанова

Добрый вечер, Степан! Спасибо большое за лекцию, было очень интересно! Подписалась недавно на ваш блог, не знала, что у вас есть курсы.
Познакомилась с Планфиксом летом 2018 на работе, когда наша компания внедряла управленческий учёт и бюджетирование в ПФ.
На лекции было очень приятно услышать, "найти слова" вещам, которые чувствовала интуитивно. Еще мне кажется, что я в некоторых словах увидела себя. Например, про хелперство - "услышав проблему, пытаюсь её решить"


А, так это не про голый функционал, а про готовое решение для работы пользователей? Здорово!


Hello, Stepan.

I really liked your video about how you made BPMN diagrams using Camundo.

You have noted the main "whale" of BPMN - time control \ duration. It is also interesting to understand how to correctly delineate roles and display them on a diagram, so that it would be easier to achieve the desired result in the PF later.

I also want to learn how to correctly (at least understandable for myself and the customer) describe business processes and, accordingly understand that I need to find out from the customer how much time I will spend (close to actually spent, if possible) and that, as a result, the client's work will be simplified.

Thank you very much for your YT channel and work, nested in it.

Subscription, of course, is done. Now I try to watch, when possible, and learn new things for myself)


May 28, 2021

Thank you so much. It’s very cool to listen to the best practices.

And it’s nice to know that you are not the only one facing some difficulties. Because when you work, it’s like you’re evacuating. And it seems that everyone around is working perfectly, and you alone are buried up to your throat in Planfix and in some of the nuances, and you don’t understand something.

Thank you for the awesome course, for the sense of community and for the life hacks.

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