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Articles and publications help you put your thoughts in order and make a public promise to do something. This is important to me and to those who read me.
I am grateful to everyone who shares their attention with my humble blog, and I hope that you will write how I can become even better or more useful.

Notes from a business trip, part 10. Thursday is the day before deadlines

This week somehow connected with the days of the week. Today is Thursday, a very important day.


Podcast about Planfix. Issue 2

I decided to practice podcasts at least a couple of times a month, here is the second issue.

It is interesting only to those who are interested in Planfix and participate in its improvement within their teams.


Business processes are. About creation and proofreading of information materials

Business processes are when you not only proofread your materials, but also send them to the target audience.


About concentration and information noise

Unbelievable, but true. We've become even better.

As a leader, I have seen significant changes over the past year. Why am I not writing this at the end of December? See the answer below.


Обратный отсчет до Нового года

The countdown to the New Year has begun.

The third quarter is all! The finish became quite concrete, everyone began to make plans for January.


About frogs and unpleasant tasks

It happens that you accumulate tasks that you don't want to touch. In time management systems, such unpleasant tasks are also called frogs to be eaten.


Challenge for managers

This week is difficult for most inexperienced project managers who are used to working with weekly sprints.


A week with an iPhone

Since my team is preparing the launch of the "Connector" service, and we have written our own application there in Flutter, it's time to test it on iOS, we needed an adequate iPhone. The choice fell on iPhone # 10. With whom I decided to walk around for a week and live in my usual regime.


Notes from a business trip, part 15. Summing up the results of the week

Friday is over, I just got off the plane and publish a scheduled message.


Notes from a business trip, part 14. Mid friday

Well, half of Friday passed, before lunch the situation was checked, and in the afternoon will begin to test the strength of the humanity of the parties.


Notes from a business trip, part 13. Friday!

Friday! Today is the day when you just need to talk to everyone and draw conclusions.


Notes from a business trip, part 12. I often don't notice how the day ends

I often don't notice how the day ends. You seem to be working, doing something, making decisions, helping everyone, and then once - 18 hours.


Notes from a business trip, part 11. Recharge your brain

Have you noticed that I am writing around 12:30 and am going to go to lunch by 13? Because I had breakfast around 8: 30-9: 00, brain activity consumed all the energy, but I work with my head, and I now need to recharge.


Increased expectations from people

Once I read the phrase that you shouldn't expect too much from people, then you won't have to be disappointed. It is much better if they exceed your expectations.


Vote for Planfix

Friends, if you love Planfix as much as we love it or even more, follow the link and vote for it and some other systems:

Let's raise awareness of Planfix on the CRM market together!


Notes from a business trip, part 9. End of Little Friday

We meet the end of little Friday with a new and interesting one.


Notes from a business trip, part 8. Podcasts about

Podcasts about ..

I decided to record podcasts, because there is a desire to carry some information, but recording a video is very painful.


Podcast about Planfix

Подкасты про..

Я решил записывать подкасты, потому что желание нести некую информацию есть, но записывать видео очень геморно. Совсем не хочется готовить свет, фокусировать видео, искать тихое место, чтобы никто не отвлекал, пока ты пристреливаешься. С аудио все иначе.


Notes from a business trip, part 7. Wednesday - little Friday

Wednesday is a small Friday, as those who like to relax on Fridays say. But the phrase makes sense.


Notes from a business trip, part 6. About reliable partners and non-systemic guys

It is very important for me to be a reliable partner, and for this achievement "reliable" I am ready to fight.

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