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Stepan Cheltsov

Hi! My name is Stepan Cheltsov.

I am the founder and head of the Agency

First Internet project

I am engaged in business process automation. I met Planfix in 2015. It has become the main tool for project implementation.

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This is a powerful designer of business processes and automation of your business. It is configured for the specific needs of a particular company. Businesses don’t have to change themselves to meet the system’s limitations.

Planfix is a platform that allows you to create tools from a CRM system to an enterprise management system. Without programmers.

The first Internet-project

My Agency’s team performs complex technical tasks. I have gathered a friendly team for many years and take care of it every day. These are strong managers, experienced developers, and specialists who are not indifferent to the client.

I am proud of my team and will be happy if we can help you in any way.

  • - Development of connectors for Planfix
  • - Site technical support
  • - Site and landing page development
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Planfix Training

according to the method of Stepan Cheltsov

Planfix training course - 3 levels of difficulty

Planfix is a simple thing, but if you want to understand all the details, it can take a very long time. I believe that my approach to Planfix immersion is very simple, clear, and accessible to everyone.

The basic course teaches people to use the Planfix at a high enough level. I do the course all the time and help the students, and they help me make the course even better.

The advanced course helps administrators cope with the system. Here only interactive and working groups that are formed on a regular basis. This is a combat landing on any account.

The partner course is the preparation of an integrator partner, a strong fighter who knows his business and is ready to help clients.

And in General-this is my author’s work on training everyone, including corporate employees who have just come to work and they need to master the Planfix to perform their work duties.

  • Иконка уровня курса

    Basic course

    The course is based on the current Planfix account with specially configured automation. The course itself is a good example of what Planfix can do.


    • more than 25 tasks;
    • detailed description of each task;
    • minimum theory;
    • maximum practice;
    • applied work in a configured account;
    • dive into the role of “Contact” and “access Contact”;
    • working on behalf of an employee;
    • configuring the Planfix for a typical user;
    • and much more.
    • 15000 RUB per listener
    • no limits places on the course
    • The course is automated and starts immediately after payment
  • Иконка уровня курса Иконка уровня курса

    Advanced course

    The advanced course is intended for experienced Planfix users who want to learn how to implement new functionality as accurately as possible and help their colleagues put things in order.

    Also, those who plan to become a Planfix integrator or organize their own practice are invited to the course.

    • 80 000 RUB per listener
    • 15 places on the course
    • Time by personal agreement
  • Иконка уровня курса Иконка уровня курса Иконка уровня курса

    Advanced course

    The advanced course is intended for experienced Planfix users who want to learn how to implement new functionality as accurately as possible and help their colleagues put things in order.

    Also, those who plan to become a Planfix integrator or organize their own practice are invited to the course.

    • 60 000 RUB per listener
    • 15 places on the course
    • Time by personal agreement

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From chaos to order

My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.

PlanFix Consultation

One-time consultations on PlanFix from the best specialists - 6,000 ₽ for 2 hours

If you can not decide on the course, we offer take advantage consultation. Stepan will talk in detail about the benefits of Planfix, discuss your case and outline a strategy. further cooperation. This is the best option for those who value their and other people's time and are waiting individual approach to solving your problems.
Higher-order ideological considerations, as well as permanent quantitative growth and the scope of our activity.
Likewise, the beginning of daily formation work position plays an important role in the formation of a training system for personnel, meets urgent needs.
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Tatyana Skuratova about the workshop "All about the Planfix API"

December 4, 2022

A couple of months ago I was wondering how to set up communication using the API between two systems without having deep knowledge in programming.

I even took a Python express course and started an API course. But they don't say anything like that anywhere. At least I haven't learned anything new for myself.

Then I remembered Stepan's workshop, and using the method of scientific poke + the documentation of the PF and the Contour (I'm setting it up with them now) - a miracle happened)))

Yes, the great benefit of the workshop is that Stepan not only gives the text of the request, but also shows how to use the documentation to make a request, where to look. After that, it becomes much easier and clearer to use the documentation.

Pavel Ugarov about the workshop "All about the Planfix API"

December 4, 2022

Slightly belated feedback on the workshop). Stepan analyzed a specific case (the establishment of a new employee). The APIs of PlanFix, Yandex, and another now-defunct password generation service were involved (this can now be done by Planfix).

What I liked. There was no stupid copy-paste, Stepan showed where and how to look at the desired method, what and how to copy from the documentation, what and where to correct.

The case that interested me (changing analytics) was also considered, accordingly showed where and what to look at, what and how to edit. Along the way, Postman was mastered).

The most important thing at the end of the Wordshop was not that Stepan showed how to send a request, it was shown what and where to look in the documentation, and how, in principle, to use it. He did not just give a fish to a starving man, but showed him where to get a fishing rod and taught him how to fish.

Aslan Tkhakanov about the advanced course


The first time the basic course was bought and not completed, due to my own workload, supported by a little laziness, in the summer of 2018. Then, from what I managed to pass, I could say that the course is good, it makes you think normally and it's exciting , you can learn a lot of new things.

Now, in the fall of 2022, there was a great desire to leave the telecom sphere for the IT sphere, the choice fell on PlanFix, since I have known him since 2017, and there is a very big prospect in it in terms of development, to the service as a whole)))

So. Compared to the 2018 course, the 2022 course has advanced and pumped very well. Sometimes I even wanted to “google” some solutions, but this is a unique course, so sit down and think and understand))). It's good that the tests. Not like this at university sessions)).

The course worked very well. First and foremost, think like a planfixer. Here is just a part of what you go through on tasks:

  • task templates;
  • analytics;
  • references;
  • automatic generation of book documents from templates;
  • setting up a planner with a gantt chart;
  • eisenhower matrix;
  • setting filters for anything and everything.
  • After some tasks, you feel like a "mother's programmer"))) There is euphoria and you want more ... because there is power over the process)

    In general, after wiping the snot, I can Definitely recommend to everyone:

    • who wants to learn for themselves and move on to integrators;
    • to companies that want or are thinking of moving to PlanFix, but do not understand how to train employees;
    • to employees who already work at PF and want to upgrade their skills as a user;
    • to employees of companies that do not have PlanFix implemented, but really want to organize their work routine and projects.

    In general, everything, now I will take an advanced course.

    Many thanks to Stepan and Yulia for their help and tips))

Evgenia Goryacheva about the advanced course


You asked for feedback, we are writing)

First I will write why I took this course.

When I first got acquainted with Planfix in 2017 and tried to figure out how to set it up for the needs of our company, I didn’t come across videos and blogs from such a specialist as Stepan. And so our setup was “oh, well, at least it works somehow.”

Much later, I came across a video on Youtube from Stepan and was pleasantly surprised how the logic of building reasoning and processes works for a person. To be honest, I fell in love and took it as a standard) I set up something right in parallel under the video (yes, just like now after the lectures), I took note of something for future changes. Therefore, when I saw in the letter that there would be an advanced course from Stepan, I did not think for a long time.

It's great that the course is built the way you need to set up Planfix for the company in a good way. That is, first find out: what, who, with what and for what, and then automate business processes. Thanks to the course, our company got a Knowledge Base (before that, there were just instructions that were in the documents).

Thank you for making me think about such a seemingly simple and obvious solution. And thanks for the solution with the Call for Help button, it's also great that employees can now write instead of calling, just like in technical support.

In my opinion, the most common business processes were considered. From setting up workspaces for each department, creating deals "from and to", to internal processes of companies (such as the work of the HR department).

Yes, of course, I had to suffer) In excitement, I spent half the night on tasks: well, that's it ... now it will work out ... I'll test another hypothesis)

I really liked the answers to my questions from Yulia and Stepan, who did not give direct answers, but showed the vector of reasoning. A very warm attitude was felt.

I would like to scold, because this is the most valuable thing in feedback, but there is nothing to scold. The course is very well built (you wouldn't expect anything else).

Keep it up! You are awesome!

Irina Kuropteva about the advanced course

I would like to start the review with words of gratitude!

A huge THANK YOU to you, Julia and Stepan!

Thank you for the well-structured and capacious material that is presented so easily for assimilation. Without extra water and tediousness.

Thank you for all your advice and help with the homework, for your patience with them and for the fact that not a single question was left unanswered). For the fact that when you find yourself in a dead end, no one tells you how to do it, but they find words that start the thought process in a different direction and you sincerely don’t understand, well, it was difficult here.

When I studied at the institute, we had a professor who tested the first computers. He solved problems with a binary code in his head, in a word a genius, but he is not a lecturer from the word “completely”. It is not given to everyone to be able to express their thoughts and convey them, it seems to me that you did an excellent job with this.

During this course, you were a “kind mom” and a “wise dad” for me, for some reason you evoked these associations in me.

I have never met such curators who with such cadets would be treated with awe and care.

There were moments when I wanted to drop my hands and wave my hand, but it was in those moments that you came to the rescue. Thank you so much for this!

I can’t say that it was easy, I didn’t consider myself a beginner when I started training, but at the end I realized how much I didn’t know and probably there was still a lot to learn).

This is why I love Planfix: it is progressing, and you are with it.

And you are guides, and share invaluable experience, not theorists, but practitioners, and this is expensive in our world.

Well, I praise you endlessly, there were moments when I scolded you oh how)

When did I scold you? When it didn’t work out from the word “completely”, starting with reading the assignments. You sit at night and think, “People have a fantasy, it was necessary to come up with the same thing.”

What are only tasks with calculations, creations of employees and their birthdays =)

Oh, I forgot something else - the Workshop! Well, it's just a wonderful miracle!

You come with a question, you leave with the feeling that now you can do everything, well, maybe not everything, but a lot.

6 hours fly by like an hour of time, and at the same time you don’t get up from the table exhausted, but with great joy that you were there.

There is excellent help in PF, but you can’t talk to it, there is support that will never refuse to help, but there are things that are so close that you don’t even know about them, and then hop on a silver platter, yes all the secrets...

My kid would say you're Cool, and I agree with him. Guys, you are cool)

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Planfix is an annual offline event that is unique in its kind, completely dedicated to discussing the system's features, ways to use and simplify the work of your employees.
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Stepan Cheltsov's team participates in all projects related to Planfix and not only. These are real professionals involved in their favorite business.
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