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Stepan Cheltsov

Hi! My name is Stepan Cheltsov.

I am the founder and head of the Agency

First Internet project

I am engaged in business process automation. I met Planfix in 2015. It has become the main tool for project implementation.

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This is a powerful designer of business processes and automation of your business. It is configured for the specific needs of a particular company. Businesses don’t have to change themselves to meet the system’s limitations.

Planfix is a platform that allows you to create tools from a CRM system to an enterprise management system. Without programmers.

The first Internet-project

My Agency’s team performs complex technical tasks. I have gathered a friendly team for many years and take care of it every day. These are strong managers, experienced developers, and specialists who are not indifferent to the client.

I am proud of my team and will be happy if we can help you in any way.

  • - Development of connectors for Planfix
  • - Site technical support
  • - Site and landing page development
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Planfix Training

according to the method of Stepan Cheltsov

Planfix training course - 3 levels of difficulty

Planfix is a simple thing, but if you want to understand all the details, it can take a very long time. I believe that my approach to Planfix immersion is very simple, clear, and accessible to everyone.

The basic course teaches people to use the Planfix at a high enough level. I do the course all the time and help the students, and they help me make the course even better.

The advanced course helps administrators cope with the system. Here only interactive and working groups that are formed on a regular basis. This is a combat landing on any account.

The partner course is the preparation of an integrator partner, a strong fighter who knows his business and is ready to help clients.

And in General-this is my author’s work on training everyone, including corporate employees who have just come to work and they need to master the Planfix to perform their work duties.

  • Иконка уровня курса

    Basic course

    The course is based on the current Planfix account with specially configured automation. The course itself is a good example of what Planfix can do.


    • more than 25 tasks;
    • detailed description of each task;
    • minimum theory;
    • maximum practice;
    • applied work in a configured account;
    • dive into the role of “Contact” and “access Contact”;
    • working on behalf of an employee;
    • configuring the Planfix for a typical user;
    • and much more.
    • 15000 RUB per listener
    • no limits places on the course
    • The course is automated and starts immediately after payment
  • Иконка уровня курса Иконка уровня курса

    Advanced course

    The advanced course is intended for experienced Planfix users who want to learn how to implement new functionality as accurately as possible and help their colleagues put things in order.

    Also, those who plan to become a Planfix integrator or organize their own practice are invited to the course.

    • 35 000 RUB per listener
    • 15 places on the course
    • Time by personal agreement
  • Иконка уровня курса Иконка уровня курса Иконка уровня курса

    Partner course

    The partner course is aimed primarily at experienced Planfix administrators who want to become integrators and run a private practice or work in my team.

    • 95 000 RUB per listener
    • on an individual basis places on the course
    • Start after payment by agreement

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From chaos to order

My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.

PlanFix Consultation

One-time consultations on PlanFix from the best specialists - 6,000 ₽ for 2 hours

If you can not decide on the course, we offer take advantage consultation. Stepan will talk in detail about the benefits of Planfix, discuss your case and outline a strategy. further cooperation. This is the best option for those who value their and other people's time and are waiting individual approach to solving your problems.
Higher-order ideological considerations, as well as permanent quantitative growth and the scope of our activity.
Likewise, the beginning of daily formation work position plays an important role in the formation of a training system for personnel, meets urgent needs.
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May 28, 2021

Thank you so much. It’s very cool to listen to the best practices.

And it’s nice to know that you are not the only one facing some difficulties. Because when you work, it’s like you’re evacuating. And it seems that everyone around is working perfectly, and you alone are buried up to your throat in Planfix and in some of the nuances, and you don’t understand something.

Thank you for the awesome course, for the sense of community and for the life hacks.


Thank you so much. I am also taking my third course. I highly recommend it to everyone. Because every next time Planfix itself develops. Some new features, new techniques appear. Some basic things, they may be a little repeated. But a lot of something completely new is being added, something that was not there before.


Thanks for the course, it’s amazing. I have been going through it for the third time, and each time I discover a large number and variety of topics. Every time I am more interesting, and more interesting and interesting.

It is clear that everything that is global in the course of time grows with additional capabilities. Something relevant some time ago is being replaced by something new, some new tools, including. And this is just amazing.

Thank you so much


May, 22, 2021

Stepan, thank you very much!

This course was incredible for me.

I really thought it would be a little bit about something else)) Or rather, how. If you compare what I expected and what it was, then it looked like this. I assumed that there would be a “children’s sandbox”, but here there were such challenges when you understand that there are issues that are automatically resolved. Because there were such cool tasks, because such cool things were raised.

This is truly incredible!

Yerlan Kozhobekov

May 21, 2021


Thanks for the course. Stepan was able to put a lot of information into it. Feels like he loves Planfix.

I also liked that Stepan connected a lot of other experts, he doesn’t close on himself :) And that’s also cool.

I felt that PlanFix was good, but after the course I realized that PlanFix is ​​a full-fledged ERP. In June I will definitely participate again.

I would like to add about the Planfix Connector. Special thanks to Stepan’s team for this product. He is finally ready, and now, if I understand correctly, you can work miracles! Thank you very much again for your knowledge and your energy!

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Conference of Planfix integrators

Planfix is an annual offline event that is unique in its kind, completely dedicated to discussing the system's features, ways to use and simplify the work of your employees.
Иконка календаря

10.00 - 18.00

Иконка календаря

Friday, April 12


Stepan Cheltsov's team participates in all projects related to Planfix and not only. These are real professionals involved in their favorite business.
Степан Чельцов
Stepan Cheltsov Partner, integrator, organizer of all-Russian Planfix forums, founder and ideological engine of the Agency " First Internet project»
Кирилл Киреев
Kirill Kireev Certified partner of Planfix and partner of Stepan Cheltsov in work with projects of Planfix and the agency "First Internet Project"
Людмила Бусовикова
Lyudmila Busovikova Project integration specialist
Юлия Дунаева
Julia Dunaeva Assistant To Stepan Cheltsov
Whole team