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Advanced course

  • Price - 80 000 RUB.
  • Places - 15
  • Time by personal agreement

The Advanced Course was developed following the Basic Course. It does not touch the questions of the work of an ordinary user at all. The advanced course is for those who want to learn how to set up PlanFix systematically and "correctly" in my view of correctness. These are heads of companies, and proactive employees, and those wishing to become integrators, and even acting integrators who consolidate their knowledge or improve their qualifications.

How it goes:

  • Cadets start by describing what happens and documenting everything that happens so that the documentation is created constantly, and not sometimes.
  • Learn to work parsing data from regular emails to working with APIs of different systems.
  • Constantly customize mail rules, scripts, task templates, webhooks, reports, Gogole Data Studio, and much more.
  • < li> The training takes place through full-time / part-time attendance at the lecture, where I show the essence of the work to be done.
  • The next morning, the first lecture assignment is given.
  • When the student completes the first, he receives the second and then the following tasks. Without completing the tasks, the next task in the lecture is not issued. I think this is dishonest.

As a result of training, two types of graduates are obtained: students who did not complete all tasks on time, and administrators who completed everything on time.

And who wants to complete the course and did not have time for the first time - they repeat the course for free and complete the tasks that they did not complete in order to receive administrator certificates.

For those wishing to keep abreast of events, you can sign up for further sets with a significant discount to deal with new materials.

Speakers of the advanced course

Lectures on the advanced course are delivered not only by me, but also by Planfix integrators:

  • Kirill Kireev. About the Planfix API.
  • Tahir Bikkinin. About reports and Google Data Studio.
  • Sergey Golubev. About system project management.
  • Maxim Babaev. About the process approach to sales and the ingenious "Next" button.

And every time I try to invite someone else on some new topic, where I see the strengths of the guys. This is how new lectures and assignments appear, and integrators have the opportunity to test their theories

New advanced course formats

Now I have 2 new formats in development:

    < li> participation in individual lecture courses and completing lecture assignments for those who want to understand a particular topic, but are not ready to complete the entire course;
  • a workshop is an event where individual small topics will be dealt with here and now, so that everyone can understand the issue that we are examining as deeply as possible.

What's this by topic?

  • everything about the Planfix API and external integration systems;
  • everything about Reports to calculate and prepare data. Here is GDS, summary data, macros, etc .;
  • everything about structures inside Planfix. How to link all Planfix objects into harmonious systems;
  • everything about managing affairs / projects / tasks / people in Planfix;
  • everything about HR issues in Planfix to hire, delegate and remove people systematically;
  • and much more based on customer questions.

The workshops are still under development, they will be held on weekends in the afternoon, so that everyone can get enough sleep and have time to families time, and then took up their own development. I think we'll start in December or January.

Helping advanced cadets

When graduates of the basic course go to advanced, I understand a person's motivation much more clearly than he does and try to help him a little more than everyone else.

When graduates of the advanced course go to the certification of the Planfix integrator, I worry that the person has gone to a new level of his development. I cannot help such guys by answering questions, it is not fair. But I help to find the answer on my own, I help to reason, look for answers in the documentation and in the past lectures.

But that's a completely different story, of course.

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My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.
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