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Offer to provide consulting and educational services

1. The offer is addressed to customers — legal entities and individuals.

2. the Contract is considered concluded for an indefinite period from the moment of acceptance of the offer:

payment for services rendered or
receive notification of acceptance by email or on the website.
3. the terms of service are agreed by the clients with the contractor:

by email
on the site
4. The contractor does not pay VAT, as it applies the simplified system of taxation.

5. Customers pay for services by Bank transfer.

6. The contractor and the clients don't sign documents. Payment confirms the quality of services.

7. Clients independently prepare and submit all necessary documents to the contractor.

8. if the clients do not submit the requested documents or do not make a timely payment, the agreement is suspended.

9. Correspondence e-mail:

it has the force of a simple electronic signature.
10. The contractor shall be entitled to promote yourself by telling about services on its website.

11. the rights of claim are not subject to assignment.

12. Pre-trial procedure of dispute settlement within 30 days required.

13. Jurisdiction of unsettled disputes — Kursk arbitration court

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