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Being a specialist is wonderful, I set myself such a goal and achieved it quickly enough. My strength was no longer enough for everyone who wants to implement Planfix in their company. So I started building my team.

Gradually, step by step, person by person, in 2018 I first had one Planfix implementation specialist, then the second, the third. Life goes on as usual, people came and went, at the moment there are 5 people in the Planfix integrator team of my agency.

How the team works

We have our own private chat, where all tasks and cases are discussed as quickly as possible. One has difficulties, the team connects and helps a colleague. New ideas and challenges appear — we immediately discuss them. And the most interesting of the discussions is taken out of the chat in the form of instructions, because we synchronize all chats in the telegram with our Planfix.

How the team works on clients’ projects

We have our own special configurations, thanks to which the setting of a task in the Customer’s account becomes a task in our Planfix. All correspondence and time spent is recorded in two accounts and is available for reporting to both parties.

Each task is analyzed by the team, a way to solve it is discussed and carried out. As a result of the work, the Customer receives instructions on how to use a new one and checks the solution.

Secret best practices

Of course, we have our own secret secrets and best practices, but we will not tell anyone about them. Although we will implement it in our clients’ accounts to make them as practical and convenient to use as possible.

The effectiveness of our work is the result of reasonable planning, purposeful work and friendly cooperation. We clearly set tasks and distribute roles, but we are ready for a team search for optimal solutions and support each other.

Степан Чельцов
Stepan Cheltsov Partner, integrator, organizer of all-Russian Planfix forums, founder and ideological engine of the Agency " First Internet project»
Людмила Бусовикова
Lyudmila Busovikova Project integration specialist
Юлия Дунаева
Julia Dunaeva Assistant To Stepan Cheltsov
София Рубель
Sofia Rubel Project integration specialist
Николай Юрков
Nikolay Yurkov Project integration specialist
Артем Дыбовский
Artem Dybovski Project integration specialist
Ирина Куроптева
Irina Kuropteva Planfix department manager