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Planfix Advanced Course - How Learning Looks "From the Inside"


Hello! Stepan Cheltsov is in touch.

Today I will tell you who and how can get into an advanced course in Planfix, what tasks the cadets will have to face and what to do if little is clear, it’s scary, but I really want to figure it out.

What is an advanced Planfix course?

An advanced Planfix course - training for those who have already mastered the basics of working with the platform, but wants to become a cool specialist. And also for those who have already taken an advanced course, but want to be in the trend of new "chips" and integrations.

 PlanFix is ​​growing and improving constantly. So that the skills and knowledge of the system administrator do not become obsolete, there are 2 solutions to the issue:

  • constantly monitor updates and try to figure them out on your own;
  • receive ready-made concentrated blocks of information from experienced integrators.

The Planfix Advanced Course offers exactly the second option.

 If you are ready to develop , master a new profession and work with cool tasks, leave a request.

How do I get into an advanced Planfix course?

I offer 2 training options:

  • Paid. Only for those who have completed the basic course and want to "advance" further. The number of places is limited - 15.
  • Free. For graduates of the previous course who want to gain additional knowledge, detailed comments and help in completing missed assignments.

The bottom line is that the advanced course program is constantly being updated. The team of speakers is growing, new training topics are added, knowledge about fresh integrations and announcements of new developments are given.

 What you need to enrolling in a course?

  • Relevant experience. An advanced course only for those who already have experience with Planfix. We invite beginners to the basic course.
  • Desire to learn and work. Learning on the course is 70% of practice. Compulsory preparation for lectures (connection of the necessary programs), compulsory homework, active participation.

No matter how trite, but the success of the course depends only on the cadets.

Here you are an advanced cadet course. What's next?

When organizing the educational process, I tried to take into account all the wishes of the cadets from the previous streams. Today the training looks like this:

  1. Lectures are held twice a week for 1.5 hours. Tuesday. We review the lesson program online.
  2. At the end of the lecture, the cadets receive their homework. There are 5 working days to complete.
  3. Friday. Another lecture. Analysis of homework. Setting new tasks.

How to do homework if you don’t understand anything?

Throughout the course, students can use the help of a mentor and communicate with group members in a closed chat. During the analysis of homework, the speaker will tell you where the jambs were during the assignment and how they can be corrected.

The course has a friendly atmosphere and even more. This is what one of the springtime students has to say.

What happens if the problem is not amenable to solution?

The training course not only provides theoretical knowledge, but allows you to try yourself in real problems. At the same time, there is no risk of letting the client down, no one will scold him for one hundred and fifty thousand questions, no one will fire him.

The curator will help the student until he defeats the problem. Of course, only if the student needs it.

And what upon completion?

Upon completion, graduates acquire sufficient knowledge and skills to become a Planfix administrator in their own company or organize their own practice. Knowledge is confirmed by certificates and diplomas.

Advanced PlanFix course from Cheltsov - real cadet feedback

I get a lot of cadet feedback after every stream of training. If you have any doubts about whether to take an advanced course on Planfix, read reviews .

Do you want to master the profession of Planfix administrator? How to enroll in the course .

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