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Advanced course

Продвинутый курс
  • Price - 25 000 RUB.
  • Places - 15
  • Start date of the course - 03.08.2020
  • The end date of the course - 04.09.2020

The advanced course is intended for experienced Planfix users who want to learn how to implement new functionality as accurately as possible and help their colleagues put things in order.

Also, those who plan to become a Planfix integrator or organize their own practice are invited to the course.

The course covers the entire block of Planfix functionality from the simplest to the most serious developments with multi-level changes to the system for business needs.

How the course works

During 5 weeks of 2 classes a week in the evening from 19 to 21 hours, students interactively interact with their accounts and implement developments.

Homework is given and checked together with the course and individually

What is the result of the course
Each student can safely start working in their company's account and help in settings with minimal risk of harm

A cadet is considered a full-fledged administrator who fully understands the essence of helping colleagues

Knowledge is confirmed by a certificate

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Watch an excerpt of the course

My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.
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