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One of the peculiarities of my work, with which it is difficult to do something, is work outside the work schedule.

An average person can say that, they say, I would just say that after 18 hours I do not work, and only on weekdays. And let the client come tomorrow. But there are a couple of nuances.

Firstly, clients work during the day and they make extra efforts to find time to dialogue with you. And if you don't need clients who want to improve their business, they will become my clients.

Secondly, clients exist in different time zones. And okay, it's a couple of hours back and forth. What if you work with the USA? Their morning begins on your evening. And you also have to choose business terms in English according to customer niches, insert Planfix terminology and understand the answers.

Thirdly, if you have such a demand and a work schedule, learn to rest during the day and recover not on schedule < nobr> 5-2.

For me, sleep is the most important part of life. I do not give anyone the opportunity to shake my conscience that I sleep longer or more in total, precisely because I go to bed later and I have more workload than most hired people.

But if I have to get up at 4 in the morning for a call with a client, I will. No alarm clock. And I will be a cucumber so that after the meeting I will fix everything and go to sleep for a couple of hours.

Such thoughts came to me after 3 calls on Saturday. And tomorrow at lunchtime I will also work, because on Monday I have to go to court to submit documents.

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