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Cadets and clients of the Agency say that we work quickly, systematically and in a concentrated manner. We can easily explain how to use planfix more efficiently and how to configure It better.
Consultations help you understand in which direction to develop and make you want to move. We create order out of chaos, reduce the volume of routine processes, and develop simple and effective schemes for working in automatic mode.

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The task of the organization, especially the beginning of daily work on the formation of
this position contributes to the preparation and implementation of further development directions. On the other side of the frame and
the place of training personnel plays an important role in the formation of significant financial and administrative

Ideas of the highest order, as well as constant quantitative growth and the scope of our activity .

Similarly, starting the day-to-day work of forming a position plays an important role in shaping
the system of personnel training meets the urgent needs.
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Good afternoon. I liked everything. There were a lot of tasks, all were described in detail. There were problems with documents, however, sometimes the PF itself failed, the fields did not work as they should. The video conferences were also great, but I liked the option with 20-minute specific tasks more. Everything is clearly stated about the main, and not only, functionality of the PF. In a word, thank you! The course was excellent!