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Left the Poravinternet domain


Friends, if for some reason something comes to you from the PORAVINTERNET domain, then you should know that it's not us.

The famous company decided that in order to renew the domains registered for the companies, they will take 50k rubles each and cannot be re-registered to the current legal entity. Previously it was possible, but now it is impossible. And they promised to delete it from the registry at any time.

Because of this, in the spring we began to change all our settings and connections from the old domain to the new PIPAGENCY, and this was a difficult path for an IT company. I had to work not only with e-mail, which was pumped out and emptied boxes. I had to work with Continues Integration and a ton of scripts to check everything and everything that we kept for years without thinking about changing.

It may have cost 50k rubles, but they asked them ugly. That is why I brought out all the domains and accepted the possible risk of losing the domain if we do not have time to redeem.

And the risk has come today.

For a day we were catching a domain, pinging and all that, but there are more cunning guys who catch domains and buy not manually, but automatically.

I hope that this story will not offend anyone.

Well, the conclusions:

  • domains must be registered for yourself, not for a legal entity, until they are pinned to the wall;
  • if done for a legal entity, then pay from the legal entity so that this is a system process for you;
  • if you decide to liquidate a legal entity, conduct a complete inventory of assets, checking for spam and notifications;
  • or it is better to have a registry of services where your domain is involved in the work;
  • never work with companies that have a similar policy. is no longer a cake, run as soon as possible, this is not a difficult operation.

Well, here it is.

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