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Black Friday. We give discounts on courses!

Черная пятница. Дарим скидки на курсы! 27.11.2020

Guys, today is Black Friday and I traditionally make a discount for the advanced and basic course.

On basic course everything is automated, you walk with me on all the intricacies of working in Planfix as an ordinary user and understand how the Planfix interface and logic works.

An important feature - we do not go to "Account Management", administrator rights are not involved here at all.

Advanced course is based precisely on the fact that we are constantly in "Account management", we set up something and do the magic.

Unlike the basic one, you will have your own accounts, there will be tasks, there will be deadlines, and you will submit the results of your work to me for verification, and I will check them and give valuable instructions.

On basic you communicate with my robot, me in comments and my assistants.

In advanced you are constantly in dialogue with me.

Basic can be done in any mode you want, except that after 2 weeks of inactivity, I will freeze everything and have to write to me to defrost.

Advanced takes 5 weeks, 2 lectures per week. We communicate directly on the phone, you look at the settings and everything goes interactively. Whoever is late for the lecture will receive it the next day.

As a result of the basic course, you fully know the Planfix device as a user and the interface for you is simple and clear. You will also have a certificate.

As a result of the Advanced course, you are a full-fledged account admin who knows how to tweak a variety of things, understands why what and how it works and will be able to make the settings himself. The certificate and my unlimited help even after the course are attached.

All cadets who have previously taken courses can join the new courses on special invitations at the cost of the basic course, because this is like an advanced training for you.

In general, I am waiting for you all, before the New Year you will become cool specialists of Planfix!

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