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“KIP” -marine has completed work at ECOM Expo’20. These were very busy, very interesting two days. Having pacified emotions and digesting events, summarize the results and share the successful results of participation in the exhibition.

Planfix Connector on the all-Russian market

The first achievement is actually the official presentation of the Planfix Connector on the all-Russian IT market. The First Internet Project agency has a lot of interesting developments, but the Connector is perhaps the first one presented at such a high level.

The Planfix connector is interesting

And this is definitely a plus. Many companies have expressed interest in the product. And personal communication within the framework of the exposition allows you to talk about the Connector not so much as a whole, but on the basis of an individual approach.

In particular, the Franchise Network Management configuration is of great interest. Now we are negotiating with potential clients, preparing for the conclusion of contracts and subsequent intensive work.

New acquaintances, new partners

An obligatory and inevitable advantage of participation in exhibitions is the emergence of new contacts, acquaintances, partners. It always works both ways. There is a great product that we offer, there are proposals that interest us. Something like that.

Cool time

Of course we were very busy. Of course, somewhere tired. But we got a lot of positive emotions.

Going out, chatting with like-minded people, “exchanging energy” with active and smart people is always cool. And in difficult times of the “royal” pandemic — it’s just unrealistically cool.

As a summary

ECOM Expo’20 was very successful for us. We not only presented a cool development — Connector Planfix, but also recharged ourselves with positive things. We work further and help the client with renewed vigor. Already conceived a new configuration for the Planfix Connector and several other interesting products.

Want to know the “details” about integrations and modules of the Planfix Connector. Contact us!

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