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Planfix Subscription Management

I know what happens to work when payment is not received on time and the account is frozen. There are many reasons, but the main thing is that you need to work here and now, and you need to pay.

I am an integrator, and you can trust me, because I value my name and my clients.

How to pay Planfix with a card

To make a payment, you need to fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

After receiving the payment (usually instantly) and comparing the amounts, I connect to my account and make the payment. As a result, I am writing to you what you can check.

Service cost

My gain is about 9% of the amount. I will explain the essence:

I can pay without VAT, while usually everyone pays with VAT. This is my benefit, net of taxes and fees:

  • 6% + 1% income tax;
  • 4% — commissions of acquirers and banks.

Nothing changes for you, I get my small part.

If you want to pay in the same way without VAT in the future, order invoicing on behalf of the legal entity, and not through card payment.

Or just write me

Watch an excerpt of the course

My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.