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Technical support

In 2015 I began to get acquainted with Planfix by the method of trials and errors, and discovered inexhaustible possibilities of Planfix. Since then, it has become much more complex: new functions, integrations, scripts and spaces have appeared. But for me and my team, Planfix is an open book.

Everyone can understand Planfix, but not everyone should do this on an ongoing basis. Moreover, this is not your permanent duty. Exactly for help in solving everyday problems and continuous improvement of functionality I offer the subscriptional service of technical support for your account in Planfix.

How it works?

The company employees need new tools and settings, or they just didn’t understand it entirely. The algorithm will be as follows:

  • a task is set from your Planfix according to a special template;
  • me or my team receives a task with a request;
  • the contractor asks questions and draws up, if necessary, a scheme for maintaining or automating the declared processes;
  • we discuss options for their implementation in the task;
  • we carry out settings and testing, explain the details of the solution and launch it.

Work practice

Almost all customers choose about 7 hours pack per month during a year.

The average complexity of one task is 30 minutes. The average reaction rate to a task is 1 hour.

The average duration of solving a problem is 2 calendar days.

How much is the subscription support?

I offer 4 tariff offers, different in duration, number of hours and their cost.

  • 2800 rubles per hour, the contract for a 3 months period, the complexity from 5 hours of work per month.
  • 2700 rubles per hour, a contract for a 6 months period, the complexity from 10 hours of work per month.
  • 2600 rubles per hour, a contract for a 9 months period, the complexity from 15 hours of work per month.
  • 2500 rubles per hour, a contract for a 12 months period, the complexity from 20 hours of work per month.

Time for tasks is automatically recorded in two accounts at once. Even if a task is deleted by an unscrupulous employee, there will always be a duplicate, according to which we will be able to verify and analyze the work performed.

The clock does not expire if not used, but as long as the contract lasts, payments are received evenly. In the event that more hours are required, we can borrow hours from the next month or make an additional payment at any time.

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