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Planfix consultations

Planfix is ​​a flexible tool that can be adapted to suit any task. But inexperienced users may find it difficult to configure it.

Planfix consultations help you to understand the intricacies of creating and implementing configurations in real time.

The first consultation

The first consultation always takes at least 2 hours. Practice has shown that if we talk for 1 hour, then we don’t have time to really discuss anything, we are in a hurry. And in 2 hours we completely solve the problems of the consultant.

That is why I propose to immediately reserve 2 hours of time for 10000 rubles.

The repeated consultation

The need for a second consultation is very rare. And as a rule, it concerns the questions that arose during the work with Planfix. We find out where the “pitfalls” were found, carry out additional individual adjustments if necessary and remove all obstacles.

The cost of a secondary consultation is 5000 rubles per hour. The time of the event is negotiated individually.

What can be solved at the consultation?

At the consultation, I answer all possible questions about Planfix and the practice of working with Planfix at other companies. If there is a request, I will help and set up some processes at once, this usually happens quickly.

How the consultation proceeds?

The format of the consultation is a remote dialogue. We call each other via Skype or Zoom, show each other screens if necessary, and, of course, talk about what hurts and how to relieve this pain.

What will happen after the consultation?

I am always available to my clients and their representatives, if they have passed the initial consultation.

  • I will help to carry out improvements;
  • I will advise on the nuances;
  • I will direct you to the right path of work;
  • tell you what and how to set up for correct operation.

As a result of such negotiations, we can agree on a new consultation or the customer just feels like paying for the required number of hours of consultation.

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