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Integration Planfix for business

Planfix as the main platform for working on projects has been used by me since 2015. The system allows you to configure simple and complex business functions, which are needed here and now for my team and clients to save time and labor.

Without a doubt, I recommend Planfix as the optimal platform for business to work in almost any industry.

How is Planfix implemented?

Implementation of Planfix is ​​a comprehensive work. The process itself is a tight interaction of two or more parties. My team and I are immersed in the work, carefully studying the smallest details of the client’s business processes to draw up a detailed map of the processes to be automated. We insistently demand the same return from the customer, his team and representatives.

Stages of implementing Planfix

The integration process of Planfix takes place in several stages:

  • We get background information about your company’s activities:
    • job descriptions;
    • regulations;
    • the rules of the office or unit;
    • Legislative acts in relation to business;
    • and other that only is.
  • We carry out the analysis of business processes necessary for work.
  • We develop visual schemes of the processes.
  • We discuss examples of implementation of processes based on Planfix.
  • We create configurations for implementing business processes.
  • We train your employees to work with the platform.

In some cases, we transfer data to the Planfix of the Customer from third-party systems and CRM systems. We already have good experience transferring data from:

  • Bitrix24;
  • AmoCRM;
  • MegaPlan;
  • Trello
  • another Planfix

Service cost

I sell my team watches. We evaluate all works in days and hours.

The cost of an hour is 3000 rubles.

The complexity of the process description varies from 10 to 50 hours. I expect more accurate volumes after discussing the project and studying the documents.


Integrating a company’s business processes into Planfix makes business management an incredibly efficient process. Logic circuits become transparent. Many tasks are solved “on the machine” and cease to arise as a problem, many projects are conducted remotely without loss of efficiency.

Imagine a river that flows around stones and barriers all the time. As they are eliminated, the energy of water becomes more and more and stumbles upon more and more complex tasks, but this energy is enough to not notice new problems and tasks, as there is more and more water. But looking back, you will one day see that it would be very difficult to cope with these tasks on previous resources.

Let’s discuss your project.

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