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Service Analysis for Business

Analysis of a service for business is a service that is the reverse of the search for software, a slightly more simplified version of it. This is not a full-fledged audit of the entire resource, but an analysis of a specific software or service.

Let’s say the customer has already decided on the platform or other software that he wants to use in his work. But there is still no complete confidence that this software is able to satisfy all business needs. I am ready to help sort out the final conclusions.

Why is software analysis important for business?

My agency “First Internet Project” has been repeatedly contacted by people who, at the start of their business, chose not the most successful software. With the development of the company, the requirements for its power increased, and new software had to be installed. Accordingly, spend time, money and effort on employee training. And so over and over again.

Experience shows that it is better to take into account the alternatives for business growth and the ability of the software to solve the assigned tasks. This solution reduces the number of programs used, but at the same time improves the quality of work with them.

The business is freely expanding, the software functionality supports growing loads, helps in automating processes and solving problems.

How do we work?

First you need to get all the information that allows you to determine the correspondence of software capabilities to the business requirement. The process is carried out in stages:

  1. Descriptions of internal processes are being developed.
  2. The tasks that the software must provide are determined.
  3. The ability of the selected software to close the specified processes is analyzed.
  4. The manager receives a detailed report.

The data obtained allow us to draw conclusions about whether the software capabilities correspond to the tasks set. Is he able to ensure the full functioning of the company’s business processes.

The duration of the analysis of software for business is 5-7 days. The cost is 30,000 rubles.

In addition, we offer a service to find the best software for your business. As part of this service, an analysis and assessment of all operating software is carried out and the selection of better quality alternatives.

I am able and ready to help with choosing the best software for specific tasks. Tell us about your project to find the best solution.

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