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Notes from a business trip, part 9. End of Little Friday


<p> We meet the end of little Friday with a new and interesting one. </p> <p> First, today we received a payment for one of the claims sent on Friday. I did not write here, I recorded a video, which only eventually loaded on Insta. But there I lamented that we endured for a very long time, but when they began to bend us unilaterally, we, like that rabbit, begin to attack. Fortunately, we are able and we managed to get part of the claims so quickly. </p> <p> Secondly, the epic with one experiment ended. I was asked to help one person in places not so remote, gave a guarantee that I would take on a job. But the man did not cope with the work in 2 months, found another, and we solemnly let him go. It’s sad that he didn’t manage to become a developer at least a little bit, but it’s glad that he is free and will work somewhere else. </p> <p> Yes, I am not shy and no one on the team, except the trusted guys knew about the past, there was an absolutely ordinary attitude in the team, but the area turned out to be difficult for him. And now I understand how important it is to help people after such a sad life experience, how it should happen and what mistakes it is better not to make. </p> <p> And I believe that in this way I helped a person not only get out, but also feel a person, and not slighted in fact in his biography and the mistake of his youth. </p> <p> Thirdly, he finally said in person at the meeting to the manager of the Planfix department, Lyudmila Busovikova, that she was great. I consider it practically a symbol of how a person can get carried away with work and find new things. Someday she herself will tell about her interesting path in my agency, because she has been working with us for almost 4 years. It's just me longer. </p> <p> Soon I will sum up the day, and I didn’t have time to do many things, so I’ll go to do and report to the team, as well as watch their results of the day. </p>


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