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Notes from a business trip, part 6. About reliable partners and non-systemic guys


It is very important for me to be a reliable partner, and for this achievement "reliable" I am ready to fight.

I believe that as soon as you have a reliable partner, the dialogue with whom always goes like clockwork ", And even in the event of a dispute, you understand their position and possible ways of dialogue (and reliable partners always offer solutions in a situation), then when you try to replace such a partner with another, you will unwittingly expect a similar approach.

You definitely don't want to remind the contractor of yourself. Do not want to sort things out again. You don’t want to pay for what you didn’t receive or for the low quality of the work performed.

My agency has examples when guys come to us who have suffered with non-system teams, and there are those who left and returned, because that I did not find the system and approach that we have. And they understand why our hour is worth the money, and why it's better to pay us.

I'm not perfect, like my team.

We also have many unpleasant situations. Even uncomfortable and embarrassing.

But we have one rule that helps - we never cheat. We screwed up - and we say so, offering solutions, including for money. We are always ready to go to the end and correct the situation, even if it becomes unprofitable for us. Because reputation and trust are more important.

With such values, I think we will screw up money more than once, but every time we get better and do not allow mistakes to be repeated.

Via half an hour the team will sum up the work day. I'll go and prepare my own summary. I'll also record a podcast, but more on that tomorrow.

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