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Notes from a business trip, part 11. Recharge your brain


I had a consultation, "explained for Planfix", lunch and interview are coming soon.

Have you noticed that I am writing around 12:30 and am going to go to lunch by 13? Because I had breakfast around 8: 30-9: 00, brain activity consumed all the energy, but I work with my head, and I now need to recharge.

In matters of mental work, it is very important to replenish the body's resources in a timely manner. Everyone knows about physical activity that they need to recover, but they somehow forget about the brain.

What works, friends, breaks / wears out. Therefore, you need to follow the simple rules of living organisms:

  • sleep;
  • food;
  • alternation of work and rest modes;
  • variety tasks.

So I had breakfast in the morning, recorded expenses.

Then I greeted the guys and checked my plan of the day with their plans.

Checked tasks and emergency messages.

Solved some issues.

About 1 hour passed. This is an overview of the situation, prioritization, making quick decisions.

Then I solve the planned tasks that awaited me. I communicate with clients.

It's about 1 hour more. This is a concrete activity, because I have already overclocked in the first hour and I need to switch from multitasking to mono-tasking.

Further consultation. Brainstorm, thoughts jump through all the nooks and crannies of memory and brain, I solve problems here and now, giving out solutions and discussing details. Later I may not even remember how I came to some conclusions and decisions, but consultations help me to turn on my thinking skills by 100%.

This takes 1-2 hours, my brain loves such a load. But it requires a rest after. That's why lunch is coming.

After a delicious dinner I want to sleep, but I don't allow myself. Instead, a little bit of chatting, checking tasks and some simple routine, like in the morning.

This is about half an hour.

Next are the planned tasks that still have to be done in the activity switching mode, nature of involvement, etc.

How did your half day go?

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