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Notes from a business trip, part 10. Thursday is the day before deadlines


This week somehow connected with the days of the week. Today is Thursday, a very important day.

If Wednesday is a small Friday, then Thursday is the day that precedes Friday's deadlines. This is where everything secret becomes clear, everyone emerges from the gloom and it becomes clear whether we will hand over the tasks tomorrow or not.

The task performers include incredible brain resources and ingenuity, find ingenious solutions to problems or skillfully merge under very objective pretexts ... A lot of events take place on Thursday so that on Friday there is something to talk about with the client and the project manager.

The managers begin their preparation in the "What if they don't do it tomorrow?" Back-up plans are being prepared, additional negotiations are being carried out, the attention of the Customers is switched to something else and, lo and behold, they are happy about vacations and illnesses on the other side. And it is better that the server died.

Both laughter and sin, but surely you either know such stories, or you will not be surprised at all that this happens with many companies. Moreover, it may not be malicious intent, it is reality and a coincidence of circumstances can actually work so that the card will fall on your advantage. But maybe not yours, how lucky you are.

But the main rule of Thursday for both the manager and the executor is to inform each other about the situation in time. Talk about everything that is at the moment, discuss, you are on the same side, not enemies or competitors. The clearer the picture, the better the plan for solving the problem.

And talk to the Customers again. Do not just, but constantly talk with them, and on Thursday you may have special topics that can influence everything.

Well, I'll go to work, today a couple of consultations, an interview, a project to pass and finish a business trip, because on Friday I have my plane back.

Have a nice day!

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