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A week with an iPhone


I had an iPhone # 5 and I parted ways with it in 2018, when the Planfix application appeared on the android. I took a Nokia 7 Plus for myself, because the parameters were normal there, and the price was acceptable - 29k. Gradually, I plunged into android and spat, installed a ton of applications and, in general, it was normal.

Sometimes I charged and charged my fifth iPhone, I’ll see something, check it, but then he fell asleep again and waited for the next moment.

Since my team is preparing the launch of the Connector service, and we have written our own application there in Flutter, it's time to test it on iOS, we needed an adequate iPhone. The choice fell on iPhone # 10. With whom I decided to walk for a week and live in my usual mode:

  • working with mail;
  • working with a cart;
  • working with banking applications;
  • work with social networks;
  • music, films, notes / posts.

And on Thursday I gave to the guys phone, went to my nokia again and for 3 days in contrast I have been writing this post.

What happened on the iPhone in the course of work:

  • On the first day, I turned off the keyboard sounds, because it knocked out a fraction into my headphones.
  • Configured Face ID.
  • I quickly set up my Gmail app to swipe left and right to delete and archive emails.
  • Set up folders on notes, very quickly scattered all the old notes and deleted irrelevant (about 80).
  • Made “Reminders” that reminded me to write posts and do other tasks every day. For some reason, they did not load on the iPhone, but on the computer they began to regularly help me.
  • I turned on all notifications, tracking, pulling up contacts and other garbage. But then I gradually turned off the sounds for notifications.
  • I set up the widgets, but in the end only the notes and the calendar remained useful.
  • I placed all the icons on one first screen. All widgets are left off the screen, and all other apps are on the right off the screen.

What happened when I returned to android:

  • I installed all the same applications, but with fingerprint authorization.
  • Enabled all sounds and notifications to compare information attack.
  • Set Google keep for notes.
  • Hid all unnecessary apps from view (standard Google apps).
  • Hid the bottom buttons, it looks like an iPhone navigation.
  • Left all apps on one screen, no second screens, but that's all by daddies.

So what's the difference?

  • In a gmail application I can't delete with swipes, this dog archives both left and right.
  • Pulling the list of applications from the bottom of Google is mixed with pulling the list of applications to close. That is, you have half a second and half of the list of applications and shadows from the list of applications until the list appears in half a second.
  • Without Face ID, you begin to understand this convenience, but you also understand its danger. A finger on the back of the phone seems to be more reliable.
  • Everything is more rude in android. There is no smoothness, roundness, some micro movements are not enough to "play" with the interface.
  • Android lacks consistency. This is the clearest definition. That is, programs and applications live their own lives, somehow show their capabilities by themselves, but there is not always enough connectivity with the system.
  • In the iPhone, the consistency is very high, because the pre-moderation of applications takes into account these requirements. so that everything is balanced. It feels like a bright contrast.
  • On an iPhone, I can turn off screen sleep altogether. And this is my old hack, because I myself decide when to turn off. And this is my problem if the phone goes down earlier. But I don't have a feeling of incomplete interaction.
  • On android, this can only be done for 30 minutes, but that's enough for me.

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