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Creating configurations for Planfix

Configurations in Planfix allow you to collect functionality in one account and transfer it to another by reference or from the marketplace. This is usually necessary to transfer the work from a test account, where everyone tested it, to a combat one. But there are other reasons.

For example, you have a franchise business. You can order the creation of a configuration that will fully comply with the rules of doing business under your contract, then in addition to the general package, you can also sell your account in Planfix, where everything is set up as it should, to each new franchisee.

Another option may be associated with a branch or dealer network, which is not necessarily completely subordinate to you. In this case, a part of your contract may be the mandatory conduct of communication and affairs through the pre-configured Planfix.

Another option — you are engaged in project activities and move from company to company, changing project by project, and you have to set up a new Planfix for yourself each time, leaving the project on the same account with the Customer. In this case, the finished configuration will help you quickly transfer all settings and change only individual elements to the specifics of the project.

The options can be very different, the main thing is to understand the reason why you need a configuration. I constantly create configurations for my clients and for myself, simplifying the work for hundreds of people. And I can be useful for your business.

Configurations of Stepan Cheltsov

For several years I have developed original cases for automating typical business processes on Planfix:

  • call center and questions around telephony;
  • library / warehouse / corporate property operations;
  • Board meetings with the translation of the decision to the entire company;
  • HR: holidays, days off, sick leave;
  • incoming calls to the company;
  • service and technical support for users;
  • transfer of actual time to other accounts (for work on SLA);
  • Telegram channel manager: scheduled posting to a telegram channel;
  • system for the formation of accounts, acts, contracts.
  • etc.

How it works?

The bottom line is that turnkey solutions are much faster and easier to implement in the system. You do not need to “reinvent the wheel” every time, we just perform the usual, almost “conveyor” settings.

And to teach employees of the company to use such tools is also much easier, it is not more difficult to install the application on a computer.

How much does the ready-made Planfix configuration cost?

My configurations have their own installation costs, including free ones. All are available here.

I discuss the creation of a custom configuration and its cost when I meet or call.

Watch an excerpt of the course

My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.