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Search for the optimal software for business

The effectiveness of solving business problems is largely due to the capabilities of the software used. Lack of functionality often slows down business development. For further growth, you have to install additional software.

Gradually, there is so much software that the advantages and disadvantages of its use are not obvious. In addition, difficulties may arise in the issue of staff expansion. Learning new people turns out to be a lengthy process. And while the employee is studying, he does not earn. Moreover, there is a risk that he will leave without finishing his studies and, accordingly, without bringing profit to the business. And you need to work and earn money here and now.

While raising my own business, I mastered a wide experience in automating business processes, became an integrator of the Planfix platform, a leader of a team of developers and programmers. I will be glad to help you find the best software for your business development.

The golden rule is to automate processes using software

Automation of business processes is what helps to speed up and simultaneously simplify the solution of many tasks. Accordingly, it is important to select a set of software that solves business problems through established business processes.

He should not dictate how to conduct business processes, should not force them to change according to his capabilities. The task of the “right” software is to advise and suggest compromises, the best options for a particular business.

Recommendations for choosing just such software are received by my partners.

How do we work?

Searching for the optimal software for business is an analytical work based on a deep study of the company’s internal processes. It is divided into several stages:

  1. Development of descriptions of internal processes, if such have not yet been drawn up. If there are descriptions, we determine which software closes which processes.
  2. We analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the available software for solving specific problems.
  3. We conduct interviews with company representatives, identify needs, perform a one-sided analysis of work .
  4. We study the market, consider options for replacing software with a better alternative.
  5. Prepare, provide a report with recommendations, discuss details with the head of the company.

Finding the best software for business is a job that requires full immersion for several days. The average time for analysis and formation of a list of optimal software for business is 10-14 days. The cost of the service is 50,000 rubles.


“Right” software that meets the needs of a particular business allows you to develop faster, easier and better. At the same time, its functionality can withstand growing loads. It eliminates the need to solve the problem of choosing software over and over again. Once you assess the expanded boundaries of your business, you may realize that growth would be more problematic without a solid software foundation.

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