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Cost: 15000 rubles per listener

The game is a special form of team building based on Planfix.

Participants are given a task, rules and a project tracker. Within 2-3

days, the team launches a project, independently divided into groups and roles. The tracker helps the team not to lose track of the project, focus on the main thing and discard unnecessary things.

During the game, there is a real interaction with the outside world: calls are made, domains are bought, program code is developed, printing is ordered, and much more. The actual receipt of money to the current account of the team is especially welcome.

The theme of the game can be very different, not necessarily related to the profile and competence of the participants, but this is the essence.

How the game is going

  • On the appointed day and hour, the participants receive the first setup task and go out to discuss the project in the task or by voice in Zoom.
  • Within 30 minutes, there is a discussion of the project, the roles and the degree of involvement of each participant in the assigned area.
  • Individual plans and deadlines for solving tasks are drawn up by day.
  • A commander is appointed teams.
  • Everyone starts work: tasks, deadlines, performers, inspectors, responsible persons, etc. are set.
  • The team reports on the work done, plans for the next day and the stage project.
  • At the end of the game, the project, people, teams and overall standings are summed up.
  • Profit or other bonuses that will be received during the game are distributed.

What the Game Tracker does

The Tracker is a supermoderator that:

  • helps all participants;
  • forces protracted stages;
  • can remove players from the team;
  • reassign people between teams;
  • help overcome misunderstandings in the team;
  • can stop the game in case of sabotage of the participants.

For a corporate customer

As agreed with the management, the topic, scope of tasks, the practice of using tasks in the Customer’s account and the degree of immersion of the Project Tracker in management are determined. The main goal of the corporate game is determined by the Customer and implemented by the team of Stepan Cheltsov.

For whom the game is not suitable

Practice shows that the most irresponsible and unreliable people fly out of the game. Those who, under time pressure, cannot cope with the pressure of the situation and the complexity of tasks.

Exception is made by the vote of the team and the decision of the commander.

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