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Notes from a business trip, part 15. Summing up the results of the week


Friday is over, I just got off the plane and publish a scheduled message.

My guys have already reported to clients, summed up the day, the results of the week, and generally synchronized before the weekend.

A new sprint will start on Monday, but it will be arranged differently than the last one, because the month and quarter will end in the middle of the week. This leaves its mark on the work.

Today is also the end of the series of posts that I decided to write all week to keep myself in rhythm and in schedule.

My goal was to write 3 work posts every day, and something non-working in the evening. Surprisingly, non-working posts found a greater response from friends and acquaintances. Although we are here not about work, but rather about life, and I, in general, have not written anything systematically for a long time. Especially about the human.

The subscribers in the cart first decreased, and then increased. There were almost no new applications for friends and subscribers. But I also did not track unsubscriptions / razfrends.

I did everything manually, without automatic posting on a schedule and other SMM tools.

I think that there were too many of me, and the volume should be reduced .

How do you like this experiment in general? Are you tired of me? What do you recommend to change? You can in a personal, I'm glad to everyone.

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