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Yet 2020 has changed a lot. What has changed and what to do about it?


Yet 2020 has changed a lot. And the echoes are coming right now.

First of all, I'm happy for the surviving clients and their growing demands. This spurred a lot on my team, but a little could be changed as desired.

Secondly, something happened to people. The remote opened a new world for conventional Juns, and wage rates crept into some transcendental distance. This has created a shortage of personnel in our country, since the economy does not fit with such demands and qualifications.

Third, the importance of health and connections has become so important that it is simply dangerous to waste days waiting in line to see the doctor. I already have 2 examples of blatant stupidity in the field (one employee could not be diagnosed with pneumonia, the second turned with a heart, and they kept him in a covid one for 2 weeks and did not ask his heart).

And the loss of employees from the rhythm of projects, combined with the departure of people and the exactingness of customers - played a cruel joke with us.

Now the time is difficult and at first I did not attach importance to individual facts. But the aggregate has already worked too hard. And even those funny taxes.

If you also have difficult situations, my advice to you is to help outgoing clients as much as possible and don’t mind them with your objections. As Vysotsky said, "It doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, if your woman is crying."

Just give as much as possible to the detriment of finances and free time, apologize, and make sure that the lesson is really learned in your community.

This week I am in the process of apologizing and helping clients whose trust we have fallen short of.

If you have a grudge against me and my team, and I did not apologize and did not keep my word, please give feedback. It's all very important for me.

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