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Increased expectations from people


Once I read the phrase that you shouldn't expect too much from people, then you won't have to be disappointed. It is much better if they exceed your expectations.

I liked this thought because good expectations really have to be earned. To do something, to show what and how. So that there was a clear image of a person, and you did not guess, maybe or not.

Sometimes, I read the resume of the applicant, I seem to have written it normally, but I don’t believe it, but at the meeting he was just a fine fellow. Or so he wrote that there was direct fire, but at the meeting there was really nothing. And I was already hoping. The text was like that, sunk into thought.

And so I put it all together and decided to abandon the value judgment. Well, I'm tired of building hypotheses back and forth. I'm just giving everyone a chance. Do you want to work? Here, show in 1-2-3 test paid days how you will work. From morning until evening.

And then it turned out that people are not ready for this. That there are those who just sit on a trial period, and in 1-2 days they cannot mobilize in such a way as to show themselves, there is no habit.

This is the same in everyday life and relationships, and with children. Give everyone a chance, give everything for a person to prove himself. A little responsibility, a little promises, a little conditions, resources and connections, assistants and curators, but ask about the result.

It's easier with loved ones than with employees. I failed, well, ok, it's just that this topic is closed in conversations. OK, let's try further.

You will not lose as much as you could have lost if you tried a human in battle. But you get it.

One problem with this approach is to be human. In order not to be reputed to be Scrooge or Trump, who see calculation in everything. And you yourself will not harden, because there will be very few successful experiments.


in order not to be disappointed, do not be fascinated.

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