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About frogs and unpleasant tasks


It happens that you accumulate tasks that you don't want to touch. Here you look at it in the to-do / task list and directly push the mouse cursor or finger away from it, you do something else. In time management systems, such unpleasant tasks are also called frogs to be eaten.

I am no exception, but I haven't had to eat frogs yet. I come across such tasks all the time, and usually this is one of the tasks on the following topic:

  • In such a task you have to tinker a lot and compare data, find out the truth, etc. Write a claim, for example, a prime example. Because there you have to shove through the entire chronology of the project.
  • In a suspended task, you need to sit directly, delve into the wording, promises, calls, etc. To understand the cause and effect, the current status of the project and what can be done next. This is just a separate big work.
  • There are still tasks that require the coordination of a large number of people in order to directly collect all opinions into a single result. For example, organizing a meeting at home is a whole adventure, but there is no joy there.
  • It is required of you to formulate something, in detail, with nuances, but in your head the labor costs for the formulation compete with the simple execution of this task, and it hangs as a signal to take the time to get it done.
  • Reminders you missed, and it hangs as late and unfulfilled.

And actually that's all, this routine repels us from performing such tasks.

What to do about it?

Do it!

Just do these tasks. Take the time, take the oldest one, and work it out honestly.

Let it be one a week, but honestly and clearly.

And at the end of the day, tell yourself that well done and the day went well already because this task was completed.

How to prevent such hanging?

Look deeper into the situation. It is very important to understand the reasons why the question arose on you?

Most likely someone does not know how to solve the problem without you, although they could. Then it is necessary to engage in teaching children and delegating.

If there is no one to solve such problems besides you, you need to either contact your manager who will help you sort out the problem. Or train / hire those who will be able to parse such tasks on the stream. Or maybe they just need to be automated.


Yes, the frog will have to be eaten. Or finish it all, tell yourself and everyone involved that it will never be decided. Basta.

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