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Обратный отсчет до Нового года


The countdown to the New Year has begun.

The third quarter is all! The finish became quite concrete, everyone began to make plans for January.

Today I wrote to the guys to reckon my strength for 3 months, because the world is so arranged that no matter how hard we try, by December something is sure to it will happen outside the schedule:

  • Someone will update Bitrix under the impression of the presentation and this will bring down the functionality of the site.
  • Someone decides to participate in some kind of action / sale / event, and it is necessary will prepare something in the work.
  • Someone will feel the impact of the pandemic, and it will be necessary to help solve those tasks that the customer sets.
  • Well, an accident will just happen that happens in the most inopportune moment.

What should we do in this situation?

Just be ready and use the accumulated reserves for a quick response. In order for the surprise to be expected, winter is quite expected for us.

What should customers do?

From year to year I recommend to do whatever they want in October and November, and not in December do nothing at all but support sales. That's it, we got ready and finished preparing, now let's sell. And this should continue until the end of the trading season.


For many, unrealistic, but we must strive for this. At least set yourself a goal for the site to be stable and work correctly in December, even if all the Wishlist did not come together in a solution, then they did not have time. Now we are working.

Today and tomorrow we check the previous month, prepare acts and invoices, plans for the new month, conclude contracts and additional agreements.

Hold on, everything is just beginning!

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