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About concentration and information noise


Unbelievable, but true. We have become even better.

This may not yet be felt by everyone or is not reflected in business, but as a leader, I see significant changes over the past year. Why am I not writing this at the end of December? The answer is below.

A year ago, I had an interesting experience working with projects in the tactical partner mode of "our" "Sphere". It was a very interesting time, during which I shook myself up, shook up my knowledge and experience and finally got to know my values. And exactly a year ago I began to separate myself from everything that did not correspond to these values.

Another's opinion became important to me only if it makes sense and is useful. If this is just an attempt to play democracy, where for some reason every vote must be counted, then such a vote was no longer counted. And it started to touch everything. At first, I expanded this rule as much as possible, and then I began to narrow, filter and balance the principles. And it turned out that on the whole I always lived the way I wanted, but made unnecessary noise. And he showed a little rigidity of position to check the boundaries, so he immediately got his own. Surprisingly, I received not only in everyday matters of the company and everyday life, but in business, when some contracts began to shoot simply because I did not give any other position, except for the formed and the only acceptable one.

I cannot say that I'm ignoring someone, no. I just do not take this opinion into account when making decisions. I listen to everyone, I understand everyone, but I do as I decided myself.

So there are two of us left in the Sphere, me and Mikhail. And during this year we have in many ways approached the goals of an organized enterprise. It is still difficult to express the essence in two words, especially because of the pandemic, but in the new year we will have already uncovered, I think. The most important thing is that during this year of my transformations, the PIP team has also changed.

Today another open air was held in discord, everyone issued their tasks and projects, someone turned off the light, someone's microphones fell off , everyday issues, but we know what is there and how it will be in the projects, because we all work in them and we know what the guys wanted to say, but could not.

At the same time, it became very clear that half an hour Mondays help to concentrate on a segment of the week and set yourself very specific goals and objectives. The tasks of other guys help to weigh priorities. You can also dispel uncertainty in a minute, because next to you, although invisible, are your comrades in arms and girlfriends.

And before that we had joint dinners in the office, smoke breaks and Friday parties and board games. It seems that they talked, but it seems that they did not. But they definitely began to understand each other better.

It all inspires me.

Now I concentrate on so that the guys are not distracted by trifles and information noise, which only I need. To do this, I shovel our Planfix with all its artifacts, and after that I launch our new products. We are already close to a public release.

Have a nice week for you and your teams! You can do it!

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