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Corporate basic course

Корпоративный базовый курс
  • Price - 10 000 RUB.
  • Places - from 5 people
  • Start after payment by agreement

The course is based on the current Planfix account with specially configured automation. The course itself is a good example of what Planfix can do.

Basic course description:

  • More than 25 tasks
  • Detailed description of each task
  • Minimum theory
  • Maximum practice
  • Applied work in a configured account
  • Dive into the role of "Contact" and "access Contact"
  • Working on behalf of an employee
  • configuring the Planfix for a typical user
  • and more

composition of the basic course:

Stage #1

  1 contact Operation without access

  2 Sending a message to the child mail for a dialog with the bot

  3 Attend lecture #1 to pass on

Stage #2

  4 getting access for a contact, setting tasks for 10 days based on Summary data

  5 Working with the right panel, familiarizing yourself with Reminders. Setting up a lot of reminders for yourself and others.

  6 Connecting to Telegram and Skype, working with notifications

  7 Installing the mobile app and exploring its sections

Step #3

  8 task Lists from the Scheduler, view in the Gantt chart, task movement

  9 go To all tasks in the list to see them in the desired modes. Putting things in order through the Gantt Chart by dates

  10 Working with task filters

Step #4

  11 setting up your account as an employee, getting your account in the system

  12 setting up your account as a contact after an employee, re-logging. Connects group 01 Stage.

  13 creating your own scheduler with the Eisenhower Matrix

Step #5

  14 Working with the Contacts section, your wards, data fixed, created a Scheduler for contacts

  15 Working with task templates and Contact fields

  16 Working with Analytics, creating documents from tasks

  • - Creating a company
  • - Creating a Task template
  • - Creating a Company template
  • - Filling in details
  • - Filling in the fields
  • Creating a Counterparty and its members
  • Working with Analytics
  • Creating your own document

Step #6

  17 Creating a project, setting tasks for the course Leader

  18 Import tasks

  19 Import contacts and companies

  20 import Analytics

Step #7

  21 Assigning external access to contacts, setting up a Scheduler for an external contact as a project execution

  22 setting a task for the account administrator 23 Creating a scheduler with company News

  24 Launch of the project according to the regulations, timing Planning, making Analytics

Step #8

  25 invoicing

  26 issuing an act

  27 document delivery Control

  28 creating reports granting access to employees and contacts Removing a report on a project Removing reports on all projects Exporting report data

Corporate basic course is designed for a team of 5 people. The minimum price is 50,000 rubles, discounts are possible for large companies.

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Watch an excerpt of the course

My speech at the First Planfix Integrators Conference. I tell you how to put things in order with the help of PF tools.
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